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Bamford, January 25-27th, 2019

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We'll be based in the Bamford Village Institute, Main Road S33 0DY. It's a reasonable sized hall. Bamford is a nice village with a decent (community run) pub with its own cafe and post office. The pub has a good sized car park perfect for dancing. There are a couple of other pubs within relatively easy walking distance and plenty of options for a Sunday walk.

Apart from indoor camping, indoor options relatively locally include Yorkshire Bridge Inn and The Rising Sun. Campsite: Swallowholme Camping and Caravan Park

Transport to the village is relatively easy as Bamford is on the Hope Valley train line, so getting there from Manchester or Sheffield is a breeze. There's an uphill walk of about 10 minutes to get to the hall itself.

Friday 25th

Meet up from 7pm-ish onwards, pub to be confirmed.

Saturday 26th

  • 10 am–1 pm: Workshop on the dances we'll do, in the Village Institute.
  • 1–2 pm: lunch at the pub, or use the kitchen in the hall.
  • 2–4 pm-ish: Dancing around the village
  • Evening: Session, etc. in the hall. There will be a communal meal beforehand for those who want it — bring contributions, or negotiate.

Sunday 27th

Walk to be arranged.


  • Freaks in the Peaks badges and t-shirts are available for sale on the day.
  • Dance and music notation are available from here (dances) or here (tunes) – feel free to suggest others. Please download these if you want them, though some paper copies might be available on the day.
  • If you have any good pictures, please send them to for the photo gallery.
  • See the contacts link if you need to contact us in general before before the event.
  • For info on the day or in advance, Dave's mobile is O7715 744O28, or maybe try Elmo's O7801 312466 on the day, depending on reception.
  • If you have them, please bring rag jackets or similar; bells; sticks/hankies; and photos of previous events!
  • If you find yourself needing our constitution, it's here
  • Lastly, a reminder that everyone is welcome – especially beginners and musicians

Following Event:

We could use a volunteer to arrange the next event.


If you have been a few times and like Freaks then possibly you are feeling inspired to organise a Freaks, maybe somewhere near you, or simply somewhere Freaks has never been before, see our Tips for organisers (32Kb Word doc) or PDF version.