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Next Event: Hope, January 19–20th 2018

And the following event...

Based in Loxley Hall, Market Place, beside the church. Details to follow, but we know we can't get in until 9.30 on the Friday, and we'll need to account for the poorly-equipped kitchen.


  • The charge for attending Freaks is £5 per head.
  • Freaks in the Peaks badges and t-shirts are available for sale on the day.
  • Dance and music notation are available from here (dances) or here (tunes) – feel free to suggest others. Please download these if you want them, though some paper copies might be available on the day.
  • If you have any good pictures, please send them to for the photo gallery.
  • See the contacts link if you need to contact us in general before before the event.
  • If you have them, please bring rag jackets or similar; bells; sticks/hankies; and photos of previous events!
  • If you find yourself needing our constitution, it's here
  • Lastly, a reminder that everyone is welcome – especially beginners and musicians

Following Event:

March 23–25 2018, expedition to Spofforth, North Yorks

June 29–July 1 2018, Beeley


If you have been a few times and like Freaks then possibly you are feeling inspired to organise a Freaks, maybe somewhere near you, or simply somewhere Freaks has never been before, see our Tips for organisers (32Kb Word doc) or PDF version.