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Hope, October 18th–20th 2019

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Based in Loxley Hall, Market Place, beside the church. Note that the kitchen is poorly equipped, in particular no pans, so it will be helpful if people planning to eat can bring utensils — better an over-supply. Parking around the square, or a bit further off, is usually fine. Indoor camping in the hall, as usual, or find your own accommodation locally.

The train station, on the edge of the village is on the Hope Valley line between Manchester and Sheffield. There is shopping and cafes as well as the pubs.

Friday evening, October 18

Gather at the Old Hall Hotel across the road from the hall. It only does food on Fridays if you have booked, it will fill up fast because they are having a special weekend. Phone the pub ASAP to add your name to the Freaks booking: 01433 620 160 speak to Sarah. The Old Hall is celebrating its 300th Anniversary so there will be extra stuff going on too.

Saturday, October 19th

Practice in Loxley Hall
Lunch. Eat your own in the hall, patronize the pubs, cafes, etc.
From 2pm-ish
Dancing in the village in the afternoon, schedule to be confirmed.
Eat out at one of the pubs, or bring contributions for a communal meal. Music and dance session in the hall later.

Sunday, October 20th

From 10-ish, walk to Castleton for lunch and dancing. The route may be muddy.


  • The charge for attending Freaks is £6 per head, and usually the same per night for overnight camping.
  • Dance and music notation are available from here (dances) or here (tunes) – feel free to suggest others. Please download these if you want them, though some paper copies might be available on the day.
  • If you have any good pictures, please send them to for the photo gallery.
  • See the contacts link if you need to contact us in general before before the event.
  • For info on the day or in advance, Dave's mobile is O7715 744O28, or maybe try Elmo's O7801 312466 on the day, depending on reception.
  • If you have them, please bring rag jackets or similar; bells; sticks/hankies; and photos of previous events!
  • If you find yourself needing our constitution, it's here
  • Lastly, a reminder that everyone is welcome – especially beginners and musicians

Following Event:

To be arranged — volunteers welcome.


If you have been a few times and like Freaks then possibly you are feeling inspired to organise a Freaks, maybe somewhere near you, or simply somewhere Freaks has never been before, see our Tips for organisers (32Kb Word doc) or PDF version.